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ecLead is an easy to use sales too that help teams to manage their deals in less time. It supports achieving maximum results. The amazing CRM application supports team collaboration through activity invitations and targeted notifications. eclead handles all aspects of live sales leads. This full-featured CRM software is perfect for small and medium business. eclead is capable to store all relevant information concerning to the lead at one place.

Lead Software is initiative to generate new business client, operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. Lead management facilitates a business's connection between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that advertising.

Lead management is an important to leads generation, management and tracking of new sales opportunities. In ecLead, leads are considered the raw details of a company, person or business opportunity.

Lead generation refers to the capturing of customers interest toward purchasing products. These leads are captured through various sources, including referrals, phone calls and from existing customer. In ecLead, these lead sources are customized.

ecLead helps your sales people make more sales to more people in less time. Leads will be captured, tracked and followed up. Customers will notice the difference stages.

There is a better way to follow up your routine sales tasks, appointments and calls. With CRM View for Activities, you can now sell faster by focusing on the prospects that are most important for you today. The CRM View also helps prioritize your work while interacting with customers.

This lead software creates an ordered structure for managing business inquiries, frequently tasks and finally sends quotation. The process circulated various stages and current status of lead. In ecLead, all datas are handled by separate branch and financial year.

Masters: -The master is where you will manage your entire storage area about Company, Branch, Customer, Product, Stage and Status of lead information centrally to handle lead software operations more efficiently and easily.

Lead: - This is very most important function of lead software. It will help you to store your lead information such as organization info, required product and source of the lead, etc. Initially, the lead status will be in Opened, it will be changed when task is completed. You can assign this lead owner and particular sales person who will handle the rest of the things.

Task:- This is the next important function of lead software. The main role of the task is follow up on lead. There are many variables involved in the process that will determine whether a sales lead converts or slips. You can generate multiple tasks for single lead and can prioritize the task. Here you can also set reminder for every task to lead owner, assigned engineer through SMS and Email.

Quotation:- A quotation is used to let a potential customer know the cost of goods or services before they decide to purchase them. We can make the quotation based on particular lead. The terms and conditions are customized in quotation. Here we can set branch wise customized print and mail format.

SMS & Email:- SMS and Email will send instantly when you finished editing in lead, task and quotation.

Reports:- The standard reports will enable you to trace all activities. This helps you analyze your operation in just one click. Moreover, the included filter feature helps you to sort documents.

Dashboard: -

The dashboard will provide a lot of information about the whole lead software. It will display all leads and its status (lead closed with won or lost), the follow up and quotation details in a single screen. The selected user details only visible here. If selected user is admin who only view all information.

In Target Information section, month wise and year wise target details will display. This will display our complete target details as target amount, achieved amount with percentage.

In Lead and task section, total, completed and pending details and its amount will display. The lead details are displayed with detailed graphical representation.

In Quotation section, all quotation information will display with their corresponding lead reference.

Setup: - Setup is an entire storage section of the lead software. The initial settings will done here only. Here you can create lot of branches, users, sales person, products, and different lead source, stage, status. Sales person wise setup restrictions are available.

We deliver technical support through online and direct, product updates. We will also call you to ensure that your operation is efficiently maximized. Our sales team or Customer Support Managers will use this opportunity to ask you about any new features you would like to see and how lead system can be improved to serve you even better.
Lead software gives proper solutions for follow up, target and achieved details, complete lead history.