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ecService covers the complete service and maintenance and pay attention to the after sales part of any products. It comprises annual maintenance contract, call status monitoring, on call compliant registration etc. The software increase accountability ad management visibility into compliance status. Our software enables consistent compliance and control management across the organizations by eliminating errors and redundant activities.

Service Software is the best Customer Support & Service Management Software whether by phone, over the web, by social media. It helps customer service representative document, resolve and report customer issues

ecService is fully web based software, so that the users can access anywhere and anytime in the world with help of internet.

Can be connect multiple branches with many locations are clearly connected with a single database, analyse of data’s like complaints registered, pending complaints, contract information and many more is much easier.

A well implemented customer service solution increases satisfaction, provides transparency and reporting to management on the support process.

ecService helps, Company s service synchronised with routine service schedule, Assign Complaints via SMS/Email to Service Persons and status update to customers.

ecService has complete structure of service details from customer contract info to update the status of the service to the customer.

Setup: - Setup is an entire storage section of the service software. The initial settings will do here only. Here you can create lot of branches, users, service person, products, and modify company details. Sales person wise setup restrictions are available.

Masters: -The master is where you will manage your entire storage area about Company, Branch, Customer, Product and frequently occurred complaints centrally to handle service software operations more efficiently and easily.

Contract: - Here we can make new contract or renew old contract. AMC, ASC and Warranty categories are available in contract section. The service charges will apply based on this category if customer raises any complaints in their products. If the product required regular service then service schedule will generate based on contract type, visit interval and maximum visit of the product.

Complaint: - This is very important section in service software, whereas customers register their complaints and requirements of the product. Customers can register complaints based on their contract also. Can be give lot of information about the customer complaint such as complaint received mode as phone, mail, etc. and who will handle this complaint. The support teams can give preference based on the complaint priority. Whenever restore the particular complaint, the current status as complained assigned, visited but not completed and completed will display at top of the screen.

Service Assign: - This part is used to assign customer complaints to the particular service person who will take all responsibilities and who will handle that particular complaint. And they will report to the management about processing level and current status of the complaint. There are two ways to assign complaints. First, assign service person when during register complaint. Second, assign service person in separate screen, here can assign more than one complaint at the moment.

Status Update:- This is almost the end process of service. Here update the status as service completed or still pending. Once the status is completed, it will become the end stage. Whereas service person must enter the mode of visit like direct, phone or online, what action they took and mainly status of the complaint. In ecService, update status for single complaint or update multiple complaints at single time.

Dashboard: -

The dashboard will provide a lot of information about the whole service software. It was split in two sections, one for complaints and another one for purely contracts. The selected user details only visible here. If selected user is admin who only view all information.

In complaint section, can view totally how many complaints are registered, from there how many complaints are assigned, how many have to assigned, visited complaints, visited but not completed complaints and completed complaints and also can see its entire information.

In contract section, we can view total contracts list, how many contracts are in live, expired contracts, renewed contracts, warranty expired contracts and visit completed and pending contracts list and can see its entire information in single click.

The contracts and complaints details are displayed with detailed graphical representation.

Reports:- The standard reports will enable you to trace all activities. This helps you analyze your operation in just one click. Moreover, the included filter feature helps you to sort documents. Using this, you will see whole complaint history in a single screen.

SMS & Email:- SMS and Email will send instantly when you finished registered contract and complaints, service assign, update status and complete service history.

Service software gives best solutions for customer support, service management and complete service history.