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ecBill is the billing & Inventory Management software that keeps track of billable items which are provided to customers. Each type of billing software plays unique role in billing. With the use of ecSoft billing software, billing can be completed in a short span of time with speed and accuracy. It comes with multiple features and by implementing those, customers can yield multiple benefits. Customers can generate bill from one computer and track your payment from another computer.


Garments & Textiles



Book Shops

Apparel & Footwear

Food Court

Fruits & Vegitable

Hardware Shop

Home Appliance

Spa & Salon

Sweet Shop

Whole Sale Distributors

FMCG Dealers

Multi Branch Outlets

Automobile Spare Parts

    General Features

  • Speed and Accuracy of Billing
  • Barcode/Manual Item Selection
  • Auto Customer Saving Option
  • Customer Receivables at the time of Billing
  • Profit of Item/Bill
  • Customer Reward Points Details
  • Exchanging of Bills
  • Tendered and Balance for the Bill
  • Multi Receipt Mode (Cash/Card/ Coupon /Credit) For Bill Payments
  • Adjusting Reward Point’s Value
  • Next Reminder For the Bill
  • Multi-Bill Holding
  • Customized Bill Printing
  • Weighing Machine Integration (Single/Continuous)
  • Price Board and Cash Drawer Integration
  • Minimum and Maximum Stock Maintenance
  • PO(Purchase Order) Preparation Based on Reorder Level and Re-Order Quantity
  • Negative Stock Maintenance
  • Fast Moving and Slow-Moving Of Stocks
  • Age wise Stock Maintenance
  • Complete Stock Tracking with Stock Ledger
  • Rate wise Stock Details
  • Temporary Stock Creation On POS and Purchase
  • Releasing and Refreshing of Complete Stocks
  • Month wise Stock Maintenance
  • Supplier wise Stock Flow Details
  • Go-down wise Stock Maintenance
  • Age wise Supplier Payment Pending Details
  • Payment Allotment on Supplier Day Basis
  • Adjusting the Purchase Return Value in the Next Purchase
  • Age wise Customer Receivables Details
  • Interest Calculation for Customer Receivables
  • Receivables Reminder Letter Preparation
  • Adjusting the Sales Return Value in the Next Sales
  • Posted Date Cheque Reminder for Both Collected and Paid Cheques
  • Party Complete Debits and Credits with Ledger Maintenance
  • Internal Income and Expenditure Accounts Maintenance
  • Multilevel Ledger Maintenance
  • Track Accounts using Trail Balance and Balance Sheet
  • BRS (Bank Reconciliation Statement ) Can be Maintained
  • Sales and Purchase Tax Register With Goods and Its Tax Value Details
  • VAT Calculation Based On Collection
  • Revised Annexure I,II,III Format Can be Generated
  • Preparing of E-Filing Documents
  • Preparing of Form – I Documents
  • Journal, Credit Note, Debit Note and Contra Vouchers Maintenance
  • Graphical Profit Comparison
  • Year wise Sales and Purchase Summary
  • Month Wise Sales Comparison
  • Top 10 Customer and Product Details
  • Moving and Non-Moving Item Information
  • Monthly Cash Inflow & Outflow Information
  • Outstanding & Payment Pending Informations
  • Day Summary Report
  • Customer wise Profit
  • Supplier wise Profit
  • Bill wise Profit
  • Product wise Profit
  • Track Profit by using Day Result Board
  • Top N Sales Analysis
  • Barcode Printing integrated With Laser Jet Printers & Barcode Printers (PRN File)
  • Item - Supplier & Purchase Number Details
  • Matrix Information’s
  • Batch Number, Expiry Date and Mfg. Date Details
  • Logo Printing
  • Manual Barcode Generation & Pre Loaded Items Barcode Generation
  • Multiple Price Information in Single Label
  • Different Sizes of Barcode Labels Can be Maintained
  • Customer Details (Customer Name, Mobile Number & Address)
  • Quotation Preparation
  • Sales Order Preparation
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Customer / Supplier Orders Tracking
  • Returnable & Non-Returnable DC (Delivery Challan)
  • Billable & Non-Billable DC (Delivery Challan)
  • Void Order Details
  • Goods Issue and Inward Details
  • Order Based Indent & Direct Indent
  • Invoice For Multiple DC
  • Invoice For Order Acceptance
  • Sales Acknowledgement Maintenance
  • Item Wise Supplier Information’s
  • Counter wise Sales History
  • Counter wise Bill No Generation
  • Counter Overflow Sales Can be Monitored
  • Session wise Counter Cash Settlement
  • Counter Cashier Settlement History
  • Counter is much more Sophisticated With Denominations
  • Counter wise Cash Outflow Maintenance
  • Normal and Express Counter Can be Maintained
  • Multiple No of Branches Can be Maintained
  • Stock Movement From One Branch to another
  • Cash Transfer From Branch to Branch
  • Branch wise Stock Locations
  • Branch wise Product Rate Setup
  • Branch wise Product Creations
  • Branch wise Stock Level Maintenance
  • Product Approval
  • Quotation Approval
  • PO Approval
  • Invoice Approval
  • All Other Top to Bottom Approval Maintenan
  • Product Wise Scheme Setup
  • Amount Wise Scheme Setup
  • Product Wise and Product Category wise Discount Setup
  • Customer Based Discount
  • Purchase Based Sales Discount Setup
  • Customer based Product Rate Setup
  • Welcome SMS When New Customer Arrives
  • SMS to Customers Every time they Purchase
  • SMS to Customers When New Offer Introducing
  • Wishes On Birth Day & Wedding Day
  • Wishes in All the Occasional Days
  • Tracking Customers Last Purchase History
  • Remaindering Customers For the Next Purchase Date
  • Remaindering Customers About their Reward Points and Lapses Details
  • Unlimited No’s Of user logins Can be Maintained
  • Can Keep Track of Complete User wise Sales History
  • Restrict User with the Limited Access
  • Restrict User On the Screen that What they can do (Save/Delete/Print/Process/SMS/Email/Export)
  • User will be More restricted in the POS Screen for Clear Entries
  • Can Keep Track of Complete User Activities
  • Encrypted Data Backup
  • Optional Backup On Every Logout
  • Day wise Auto Backup On different Locations
  • Periodical Auto Backup On different Locations
  • Last Backup Information On Every Login Once in Day
  • Mandatory Backup If Backup was not done within fixed intervals
  • Auto SMS and Email to Customers Every time they Purchase
  • E-mailing all the Reports
  • Emailing all the Transactions
  • Auto SMS and Email When Sales Update and Remove
  • Auto SMS and Email When Minimum and Maximum Stock is Reached
  • Auto SMS and Email for Waiting approvals
  • Customer Based Bill Customization
  • Sales Type Based Bill Customization
  • Multi Bill Design Format For Single Bill
  • POS Screen in Regional Mode (Tamil) and also Its Prin
  • Elobrated Bill Searching Option
  • Bulk Bill Printing
  • Bill Home Delivery Maintenance
  • Sales Person and Their Sales Executives Movements
  • Exporting Sales into XML File
  • Exporting Sales into Excel File
  • Importing Purchase From XML File
  • Importing Purchase From Excel File
  • Auto Product ID Generation
  • Auto Customer ID Generation
  • Blocking of Products to Sell
  • Importing Opening Stocks From CSV File/li>
  • FromPage to ToPage Report Printing
  • Edited and Deleted Sales History
  • Printing Customer Address Labels
  • Product Merging
  • Exporting the Bill into Tally Format
  • Profit Sharing with Partners
  • Markup and MarkDown Sales
  • Multi-parameters Tracking for a Single Product
  • Online and Offline Sales Synchronization
  • Mobile Billing and Synchronization
  • Web Report For Transactions Summary