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EnterPrice Resource Software

The ERP software is an application used for enterprise resource planning to integrate all aspects of the business and computerize and make easy the stream of data among vital back-office operations, which may comprise finance, delivery, accounting, stock management, trade, and production advertising, setting up, human resources, industrialization, and many other working units. The chief aim of the ERP software is to enhance both exterior customer associations and interior alliances through computerizing tasks and actions that modernize work procedures, cut down business process cycles, and boost customer output. Information stored through ERP software is quite easy to recall at required time and they can store a wide range of data required for the business process.


  • Unique bar-coding
  • Quick stock taking
  • Analyze customer’s buying behavior
  • Product age/type based sales
  • Product age/type based sales
  • Calculation of accurate landing costs to fix margins