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A comprehensive pharmacy billing software assists vital functions of a pharmacy and supports processes of private and public health care center that runs their own pharmacy. Smooth and proficient running of a pharmacy is ensured with implementation of ideal pharmacy billing software. This software ensures you that you are no missing any prospective income owing to under billing, inappropriate coding, or any missing information in the insurance billing. Most of the software is easy to use and it does not require any prior knowledge on coding to make use of it efficiently. An integrated pharmacy billing software assures transparency among the systems for any important process or data that is shared between the pharmacy and the enterprise in which it functions. Pharmacy management software can also be used by private pharmacies to provide cent percent accuracy in their billing and other sort of operations.


  • Manage batch & expiry of drugs
  • Home delivery tracking & management
  • Integrated drug index book and many more time consuming tasks with ease
  • Supplier & manufacturer-wise expiry reports
  • Automatic blocking of expired items
  • Scheduled Register & Generic names
  • Batch-wise offer control
  • Custom color setup for schedule Item