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Individuals running retail business like supermarket is now finding tough times to manage with billing and other sort of functions. Exponential customers and simultaneously increased business profits are good thing to enjoy. But managing them is utmost important to learn on the profits and also to manage it continuously. Supermarket software is bliss for business that run large retail stores as it presents with a number of salient features to suit with various business requirements. All inclusive supermarket software prevents the need to make use of different types of software for billing, accounting or any other inventory purposes and it remains as the ideal solution in the sales point of view. Fast billing in an accurate manner is the remarkable benefit of using these types of software.


  • Handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory
  • Return & wastage management modules
  • Easy, Fast and Robust billing
  • Home Delivery & Due bill
  • Re-order based on sales/stock
  • Repacking, Split & Kit items
  • Purchase formula & Price level
  • Effective day-end process